Love From Beyond

Question: “I am grieving for my grandma who passed away last Tuesday. I want to know why she couldn’t wait till Wednesday for my mum to visit. I also need to know if she’s alright, where she is, and if she can give me a sign when she’s around? She left me something to have, too, where can I find it?

I want to inform you that your grandma is doing well and she’s no longer in pain. I sense she is not alone in spirit as she has a close loved one with her and so she is happy. While connecting with spirit I sense what you’re looking for is possibly in your grandma’s bedroom. I think it was kept close to her at all times, in some sort of cupboard or wardrobe. I feel like your grandma was very generous, kind and loving lady.

I feel she passed away peacefully Tuesday because she didn’t want her family to be upset when she passed over. She’s telling you to remember the good times you had together. Look out for signs such as butterflies from your grandma as she may be trying to connect with you. I hope I was able to give you the answers you were looking for sending my love and healing.

Alex x

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