Our Loved Ones in Spirit Have Been Close to us

Durning the past few months I have changed the way I have been working by offering readings via video calls and text messages rather than face to face sessions. I have benn giving postivie messages of hope to my followers and my clients, which I think has been so important during this time.

I have been doing lots of Facebook lives events and have been sharing all sorts of uplifting meassges, including using my mediumship skills to pass on spirit meassges to my clients. This has helped many to stay postivie during the pandemic. I have highlighted that no matter how bad things seem now, they will get better in time. This has helped me to keep postivie through lockdown too, and it’s been helpful for lots of people to know that our loved ones in spirit have been close to us during this pandemic.

For example, one lady came to me wanting to make contact with her grandma who is passed. I was able to connect to her in the spirit world, which made my client feel calm and ressured that her loved one is at peace.

I feel positive about our post- lockdown future. I know we will manage to get through this together.

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